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Since Caine has been so nice to point me towards his post on the soufflé recipe, I thought i'd share my lemoncurd formula, as I was making it today :-)

It's quick & easy, sweet & tangy, light & fluffy and AWESOME with muffins, scones, cupcakes and even plain toast =p
(though my fave usage must be as a cupcake filling)
Sadly not vegan because it needs eggs, but the dairy butter in it can be replaced by a plant based one at least.

Okay, so here goes;

Ingrediënts needed:

6 eggs (medium to large)
6 lemons (for zesting & juice)
300 grams of white castor sugar (or light muscavado sugar)
approx. 115 grams of unsalted butter, in cubes/smaller pieces

When buying the lemons, make sure you get bright, juicy & unblemished ones (No, we are not discriminating older blemished lemons here, but we need the peels for zesting and dry brown patches of peel just don't taste very nice..) I always buy biologically grown ones because on top of it being responsible, they're unwaxed - usually fruit get waxed before sale as that gives them a nice shine  - though if you can't find unwaxed ones, just wash them thoroughly before zesting.

Utensils needed:

grater for zesting
juicer thing
measuring cup
wooden spoon  (there it is again! *waves it*)
a large pan with water & a smaller heat resistant bowl that can sit over it (aha, the au bain marie technique)
jars/container to store the lemoncurd  in -  I estimate this recipe makes about..*ponder* almost a liter, probably a bit less.


Take the lemons & zest the peels - just incase you are lost on zesting, it's just scraping the colored part of the peel off the lemons. I always use a fine grater myself for that - leaving the lemon whole, just run the lemon past it (or it past the lemon depending on what kind of grater you have) to scrape the peel off. Be careful to just get the thin colored part as that holds all the lemony aromatic oils we want and not the white rind underneeth because that's bitter & icky)

Juice the (now pale & battered looking) lemons untill you have about 190 ml. (about 4 lemons that is, usually - the left over lemons I just keep in the fridge wrapped in cling foil for future usage so they won't get spoiled)

Meanwhile get your pan with water going, up to a near boil. try and keep it there, because if things get too hot too fast you can get little bits of scrambled egg..stuff in the curd and that's not nice.. overcooking it will do the same. For that reason I also advise not to put tooo much water in the pan, so the bowl's butt won't actually touch the water ;-)

Put the eggs and sugar into the bowl and whisk away untill smooth, then gradually add in the lemon juice, while remaining to whisk.
Put the bowl over the pan & whisk your ass off (the more air you can get in there the better! plus it's also a great arm work out haha) while the curd heats & starts to bind. As it starts to bind it will get thicker & lighter in colour and leave a creamy coating on the whisk.. when it's doing that it's about ready! (takes up to 10 minutes usually but depends on how your water is doing really)
(if you want to be 100% scientifically accurate you could check the temp. using a thermometer - 70 degrees celcius is what we're going for ;-))
Get the bowl off the heat and stir in the lemon zest using the wooden spoon, followed by the butter.
Stir some more et voilá! All done ;-)

As it cools  down the curd will get thicker so it's handy to poor it out into jars soon.

That's it! Easy as 123 ;-)

*wanders away to the kitchen to get me some more..*



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